Wednesday, January 04, 2006


TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! yaaaaaay. today was a GREAT day. we started the day by hanging around and swimming. then we had breakfast and I got to open my presents. I got 40 dollars from my grandma, a cd mix, a shirt, and a book from my uncle. and a card from my family (they say that they have something big for me at home).they were all really great presents. so after that we went and saw NARNIA which is a really good movie. once that was done we went to a reverse bunjee were you strap into a metal ball and shoot you up with bungee cords. that was relly cool and it was like being drunk where you couldn't even walk straight, it was awesome. so after that we took a boat ride with great views. and after that we went to dinner.for dinner I had fish and chips which was very good. then we got a cab and went home it was a good day.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

gone & back again


Well, I am back after 5 days of relaxing in Indonesia. During those days I have had drinks at a pool bar, swam in the ocean (so did my sister as you can see in the picture), partied like crazy on New Year's Eve, wind surfed in the ocean, hung out, and put an all-you-can eat buffet to shame. It was all very fun and exciting, but it's good to be back in Singapore. So, today when we got up, we just kind of hung around and went swimming; at about 12:00 we got our day going and took a taxi to Little India. When we got there we went through the 'wet market' and smelled what tons of raw fish taste like. so after getting through there alive we popped out on a small little back street where we walked around and looked at all the little shopps. we stopped at a place that sold fake tattoos and I got a scorpian on my sholdier. my sis and venitha got vines on there legs, it is really cool. so after that we went to a place called mustafa which is a very unorganized shopping mall.in there I bought a tee shirt and a c.d. so after that we went to a place called jaggis. there we had butter chicken and naan. so after that we went to the apartment and went to sleep.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

underwater adventure

december 27

today was a fun day. we got up ate breakfast and caught a cab to a island called Sentosa which is a big amusement park.jimmy and my dad had to stay at the apartment becouse jimmy had to work. when we got there we went and caught a local bus (the bus would take you to different parts of the island) to go to a tower called sky tower. it would take you up and let you see the entire island and parts of singapore. so that was really fun and I got a couple pretty neat pictures from that. so when we got back down we got ice cream and coffee before going to the underdwater adventure. that is a room underground whereyou can see a whole bunch of fish and crabs in tanks. then there was a fish tank over your heads that you would go through and fish and stingray would swim all around you that was fun and when they sent a guy don there to feed the fish was even more cool. all the fish would swarm around him and he would give thm little fish for them to to eat. so after about fifteen minutes of watching this guy feed the fish we decided that we had have enough so we went outside and found out that it was pouring so we got out umbrellas and went to get food. were we finally stopped was a pizza place for dinner. that was good and when we finished it had stopped raining and my dad and jimmy had found us so we got going and went to see a water show where they would shoot the these water jet and have the lights shining on the water so the water was basicly a projecter. it was very cool how detailed the show was. so after that we went and took a cable car ride over singapores down town. that was really cool. we got to see a radio tower with cristmas lights ove it making it look like a cristmas tree. That was amazing too see that and wonder how long it took to do that. so after are we went to the apartment and went to bed and fell asleep.it was a fun day

Monday, December 26, 2005

december 26

today was a very tiring day for everybody. we got woken up at 7:00 ate breakfast and went to MacRitchie reservoir for a hike. once we were there we began the hike it was long and winding trail through amazing terain of rainforest. what me my mom my dad elizabeth and jimmy were hiking to was a suspension bridge that was above the trees. you sweat a lot when there is a lot of humidity around you. and that was certainly true today as we were sweating a gallon a minute. once we got up to the ranger station just below the bridge i could hardly stand. i couldn't go on so me and my dad we went back to civilization and got junk food from the nearest mobil station. after that we flaged down a taxi and went home. when we arrived at our apartment we got changed and went to lunch at the hawkers centre. what we had there chili stingray chili squid kang kong and chiken murtabak. it was pretty good all in all. when we were done we went back to our apartment and me my sister my dad and jimmy all got suited up and whent swimming in a pretty darn cold pool. when we were done we came back and went to a christmas party. all that the party really was, was food drinks and talking but i got away with a kid i met and played playstation with him for a while until it got late then i went home went to bed and went to sleep. it was a long day.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

december 25

today a very cool day. in the begining of the day we got up ate breakfast and then my parents went to church while me and my sister stayed at home and sat around on the computers and played cards. when my parents got home we ate lunch and opened presents. after allthe present opening I got a fake cockroack a couple hankies a bicycle key chain and 50000 dollars. oh yea the 50000 dollars was in indonesian money so it was really 5 american dollars. jimmy and venitha gave every body here a ticket to a cuircus so we went to that after we finished with presents. it was really cool to see all the people bouncing off of each other and stuff i have never seen before even in movies.it was really fun and really funny it was defenitly worth the time and energy put into it. after we went to the curcus we came home and went to the pool. the pool is about 20-30 feet long and sort of cold but it was a good cold because it was pretty darn hot even though it was about 7:30.so after the pool and I had tragicly walked up all 19 floors to our apartment (don't ask) I was ready for bed and I slept well.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

December 24 day 3

today was a very exiting day for everybody. I woke up at around 4:30 and couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and played games on the computer until about 10:00 when all but my mom was awake then my entire family (exept my mom) sat around talking until my mom got up and we could begin our day. the first thing we did was go to the botanic gardens which was a GIANT garden full of exotic looking flowers everywhere. we stayed there with our cameras for a long time before we had to go to lunch. for lunch we went to the chimes which was a japanese place. we had tons of food but my favorite was fried squid in really little pieces about as big as your fingernails it was really good. after lunch me my dad my grandma and jimmy all came home and slept for a long time. when we got up we ate dinner and went to the Night Safari which was were you took a train sort of thing around the zoo and saw a whole ton of animals which are nocturnal such as the hyenas and the lions that was really fun considering how you never get to see these animals normally and when you do they are normally asleep. so after watching all of the animals we went to an exotic animals show where we saw sloths owls, a ten foot long pithon and many more animals that could do all there exiting little jobs. that was a ton of fun and I highly recomend it for everyone. so after that we came home and went straight to bed and fell right asleep I can't wait for tomorow CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

day 1

today was an very exiting day for me. In the morning we all got up and got dressed and ready to head out. The first place we went was what was normally a pretty darn big shopping mall with 4 floors and about 20-30 stores on each floor. me and my sis poked around in those shops for a while before we got hungry so we met up with the family and got some food. then me and my dad poked around some more while my mom sister and aunt all got mannacures . after that we whent to yet another shopping mall but actually bought something ( there was stuff that was 50% off!! We HAD to). After shopping for a LONG time we went to a sushi place for dinner. I had some really wierd stuff most I still couldn't tell you what it was. then we came home and fell very sound asleep.
And now I can't wait for tommorow because... ITS CRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!:D


Colorado buffaloes

coach gary barnett was fired after losing to texas badly he had coached for quite a few years and I know that there are tons of players and people who will miss him a lot but it was proabably for the best and I cant wait to see how the new head coach does in the upcoming bowl game.


December 21 2005
today I left my home in boulder at 5:30 to go to denver international airport and catch 3 planes and land a final time in singapore int. airport. my aunt and uncle are currently living in singapore
and me and my family thought it was time to go visit them. We were on the plane for 25 hours and once we got to my Uncle Jimmy and Aunt venitha we went and waited in "the taxi line" which was a 30 foot line to get taxis. once we got to there house we got the tour and saw all 4 bedrooms 1 1/2 bathrooms (don't ask) and the kitchen. I now can only wait till we go around the town!!